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A route along the cliffs: La Galea and the Aixerrota Windmill

La Galea. La Galea is a walk along the Getxo coast, where you can enjoy the best bird’s eye view of the El Abra Port. Very similar to the famous white chalk cliffs of Normandy in France and Dover in England, this recreation area for locals and visitors alike offers extensive natural spaces to enjoy contact with nature.


It is precisely on this route along La Galea where we find two of the most interesting tourist spots in the area: The Aixerrota Windmill and La Galea Fort. Located at strategic places on the coast, they are relics dating back to the 18th century. Beside them, the Andra Mari Church, the Lighthouse or Nuestra Señora del Carmen Cemetery round up a walk not to be missed along the Getxo cliffs.

These are some of the points of interest you can go and see in the area.

Routes and Distances

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La Galea

Deapie Amalurra: Geological route to know how La Galea and its beaches were formed.

Deapie Fidel Iturria: Route to admire one of the most important sets of the funerary heritage of Bizkaia.

Location and how to get there

Logo Metro Bilbao

“Bidezabal” Metro stop. Some 2 kilometres away on foot we come to the La Galea walk. .

Logo Bizkaibus There are a number of bus services that will take us to our destination.
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BI-637 road, “La Avanzada”. Go along the N-637 and BI-637 towards the Errotatxu Ind. industrial estate Take the Getxo/Berangodesde BI-637exit. Go by the Errotatxu Ind. industrial estate. Take Ormaza Estrata, Gabriel Ramos Uranga Kalea, Peña de Santa Marina Kalea streets and Faro Errepidea towards Galea Errepidea.


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