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Bizkaia Bridge, World Heritage

puente de bizkaia

Bizkaia Bridge, more popularly known as the Hanging Bridge, is the most outstanding representative of the industrial era and one of Euskadi’s most renowned icons. Its main function is to connect the two banks of the Nervion Estuary between Portugalete and Getxo.

A work by Alberto Palacio with the technical assistance of Fernando Arnodín.

Declared a World Heritage site on 13th July 2006, it is the oldest shuttle bridge in world and bears direct witness to Bizkaia’s most recent history. For the UNESCO it is “an exceptional expression of creativity, perfectly blending its functionality and aesthetic beauty”.

The Hanging Bridge joins the two banks of the Nervion Estuary and it may be crossed by:


Go up to the pedestrian walkway in the panoramic lift (50 m high) and you will enjoy some extraordinary views taking in the entire Nervión rivermouth, Bilbao Port, the adjacent mountains, Portugalete and Getxo. * If you don’t want to miss the slightest detail, contract the audioguide service.

WHERE: Bizkaia Bridge . Areeta metro.

TIMES: 10:00-14:00  / 16:00-20:00. 


Walkway: €9

Audioguide: €2 (Spanish / Basque / English / French).


Cross the bridge on the gondola, which hangs from a 25-metre long, 36-wheel carriage which moves along the rails of the horizontal sleeper. Today’s gondola is the fifth and it dates from 1998.

WHERE: Bizkaia Bridge. Metro Areeta.

TIMES: 365 days /24 hours.

OTHERS: Duration of the journey 90 seconds | Capacity: 6 vehicles (saloon cars), 6 motorcycles, bicycles and 200 passengers

PRICES: € 0.45/person.

Guided tour

Bizkaia Bridge or Hanging Bridge can be visited with a professional guide. For more information you can visit the Bizkaia Bridge´s website.

Guided visit 45€+ pedestrian way ticket

Pedestrian way tickets are available on Bizkaia Bridge´s shop and can be booked in advance on the following form.


El Transbordador de Vizcaya, S.L. (+34) 944 801 012


Other activities


Location on Google Maps

Location Central Offices
C/ Barria, N 3 - Bajo
Las Arenas 48930 Getxo
(+34) 944 801 012



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