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Bilbao Bizkaia Card

Bbcard Bilbao Bizkaia - Getxo Turismo

The Bilbao Bizkaia Card is an official tourist discount card with a great many advantages. It is the best option for moving around Bizkaia, enjoying guided tours in Getxo and Bilbao, obtaining discounts and special offers and avoiding long queues.

Free public transport

The BBCard is the best option for moving around Bilbao and Bizkaia. Card holders are entitled to major savings with no restrictions on the following public transport services:


Guided tours

The Bilbao Bizkaia Card (BBCard) tourist discount card holders can enjoy guided tours of the main sights in Getxo and Bilbao at no extra cost.

In Getxo

In Bilbao 

Fast pass

The Bilbao Guggenheim Museum and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum are the most popular, most renowned museums in the city. With the BBCard you can visit them on any day without having to queue for admission. This saves you time that you can use to see other interesting sights.


Special offers and discounts

The Bilbao Bizkaia Card (BBCard) gives you access to many special offers and discounts thanks to agreements reached with businesses associated with the scheme. They include shops, museums and monuments, accommodation, leisure activities, restaurants and sightseeing.


Types of BBCard

There are three different types of BBCard tourist discount card, all of which offer the same features:

How to get your Bilbao Bizkaia Card

There are two ways of obtaining a BBCard: over the counter at the two Bilbao tourist information offices and by filling in the reservation form.

For more information see the official Bilbao Bizkaia Card website.


Discover all the special offers and discounts available from businesses in Getxo which have joined the BBCard scheme:

Essentially Basque

-        Basque Corner (souvenirs) 

-        Basque Design

-        Cakes and confectionery from Bizkaia

-        Delicatessens   

Sightseeing tours:

-       Guided & dramatised tours of the Old Port

-       El Bote Tours: boat trips along the river estuary and into the El Abra bay 


-       2 Millas: boat charter

-       Explora Norte  

-       Polaris Nautika Eskola 

-       Sailing & Wine: boat trips

-       Tours around Bizkaia

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