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The terminal

In order to improve the services provided to cruise passengers, Bilbao Port Authority has built a maritime station measuring 1,400 sq.m., fitted with two baggage drop-off and pick-up areas, a check-in area, a tourist information office, waiting room and toilets.

Grafiko This graph shows the precise lay-out of services in the maritime station.

nueva estacion


The Terminal

Getxo Street Map


Getxo 3 Passengers maritime station

The new cruise terminal will be 15 metres high and will have an area of 3,200 usable square metres: it has been conceived as a great rectangular glass container, light in form and bright, protected by a light zinc roof with six skylights to give the impression of even more brightness: it slants to a close, which makes it more dynamic in appearance.

The design has been carried out after an exhaustive study and analysis of the functional demands of this type of building.

Special attention has been given to the data provided by the major cruise operating companies, to international vessel safety and security norms in addition to the references from the best terminals in the world. In the choice of materials functionality, durability, easy maintenance as well as safety have been the keynote.

All this means that the first impression that visitors get is of a modern, dynamic, warm and friendly building like the society that welcomes them. This, together with the high standards of quality and maritime safety that have been applied means that this terminal will be at the forefront of those in Europe.

Fotomontaje nueva terminal de cruceros de Getxo

Archivo Autoridad Portuaria de Bilbao.

Port Authority of Bilbao.


Getxo 3 passengers maritime station


Where to have breakfast

If you would like to enjoy a pleasant breakfast when you reach Getxo, these are some of the places you can go.

From 6:30h in the morning

From 7:00h 

From 7:30h

From 8:00h

From 8:30h

From 9:00 h





Where to have lunch

You can choose among many options, traditional cuisine, International cuisine, pintxos, etc. For more detailed information, see our list of restaurants available in Getxo.


Left-luggage facilities

In Getxo, there is a hotel establishment offering 24-hour left luggage facilities for cruise passengers.


Taxis at the terminal

Our service is not only limited to ordinary transfers from the Port to the airport, or to the nearest metro stop or railway station.

With Radiotaxi Getxo, you can enjoy an audio-guided tour in Spanish, Euskera, English or French, of the most emblematic spots in Getxo (localisation of the Bilbao Port cruise liner quay) or in the nearby Bilbao and other longer trips at truly interesting prices: From iconic Gernika to romantic San Sebastian with its Belle Epoque style, or take a stroll through vineyards, reaching as far as Laguardia. We even take in pilgrimage sites like the nearby sanctuary of the Virgin Mary inLourdes. All this and much, much more, if you wish, you can do on board our carefully attended taxis.

RADIO TAXI GETXO +34 +34 944 915 353  http://www.radio-taxi-getxo.com/


Other interesting information

If you wish to obtain detailed information about the weather forecast or the traffic situation in the Basque Country, please view these pages.

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