Special taxi services to tour Euskadi

Now there are so many really interesting and delightful destinations much closer, like those we offer you from the Getxo cruise-liner quay.

Just a few minutes away is Getxo, the municipality within which the cruise-liner terminal is located, with a seafaring and aristocratic tradition, where tradition and modernity merge. You can visit Bizkaia Bridge or the “hanging bridge” as it is also known, the oldest shuttle bridge in the world, declared a World Heritage Site in 2006, the shopping area or Algorta’s traditional Old Port.

Moreover, Bilbao is just a 20 minute journey, acclaimed the world over for its capacity to reinvent itself, from an industrial city to an icon of avant-garde architecture. Not in vain has it received awards like the Best European City 2018, granted by The Academy of Urbanism, to the Le Kuan Yew World City Prize, attained in Singapore in 2010 for its good urban management.

Likewise a visit to Donostia/San Sebastián, also called La Bella Easo, city of the stars that shine the brightest, film stars and Michelin gastronomy stars (15 of the latter) or perhaps a stroll through Rioja Alavesa vineyards, where they have learned how to combine tradition with the avant-garde, giving rise to those superb wineries where they prepare some of the most famous wines in the world under the Rioja D.O.

You can even visit the Basque Coast and its fishing communities. These charming villages, grown on the clifftops, with their houses all built tightly together, where we find places like the Dragonstone crag as it was called in the fiction series “Game of Thrones” or the islet joined to land with a two-arch bridge whose summit is crowned by the chapel of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe; and other spots with their brightly-coloured houses such as Hondarribia, which stands proud on Txingudi Bay where the Bidasoa River, the natural border with France, meets the sea.


The prices published here are approximate, valid for 2021 and calculated from the Bilbao Port cruise-liner quay located in Getxo; they will always be charged as per the taximeter  and will only include travel to the chosen destination. The price does not include entrance fees to places that charge such; waiting time is charged at €20/hour. The vehicles can carry up to 4 passengers and taxi-drivers speak Spanish.

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