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Photograph on loan from Getxoko Liburutegiak - Getxo Municipal Libraries

The deapie Amalurra route pays tribute to Mother Earth, the matriarch of all amas (mothers in Basque) and the all-powerful source of life. Mindful of the respect with which we need to treat our environment, we kindly remind you that you will be passing through conservation areas that must not be altered. Please feel free to take photos, make drawings, create memories...of the local fauna, flora and fossils, but please do not take any of them away with you. When you next visit this area, you are bound to be pleased that everything is exactly as you remember it.

Over the course of this route you will be constantly hearing the name "Galea". It is used to refer to the cliffs, the headland (Punta Galea), a surfing championship (Punta Galea Challenge), and to an extensive flat area that begins here and stretches up to a private golf club, Real Sociedad de Golf de Neguri. Until the 19th century, these were common lands used for grazing cattle from Andra Mari.

Would you like to know why the Aixerrota windmill was built, walk along the axis of the syncline (sloping rock strata) of Bizkaia, find the 'golden spike', and discover how some of the most beautiful beaches along the Basque coastline were formed? You would? The let’s head for La Galea!

AMALURRA, 4,530 Ma

According to Basque legends, Amalurra ('Mother Earth' in Basque) is the supreme matriarch, the goddess who created the natural world.

Amalurra is the one who breathes magic into the eguzkilore (the silver thistle or carlina acaulis - 'sun flower' in Basque). In rural areas in the Basque Country, it is traditional to place this flower on the doors of farmhouses, the caseríos, to ward off witches (sorginak) and evil spirits. The eguzkilore casts its own spell that distracts these malignant forces by making them count the hairs on their heads until they are startled by the dawn without having performed their dastardly deeds... This is how Amalurra provides protection during the night.

Caves and mountain peaks are said to hold the doorways leading into the depths of the Earth, where Amalurra guards its treasures...Considering the spectacular landscape this route passes through, you might well come across some of those entrances here...

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