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Photograph on loan from Getxoko Liburutegiak – Getxo Municipal Libraries

Besides the tributes paid to Dr Pedro Bilbao’s generosity and dedication to medicine, deapie/onfoot proposes a brisk walk starting at the monument dedicated to him, on the edge of Ereaga Beach.

From the start, albeit without the panache surrounding Las Arenas Beach, Ereaga Beach also catered for spas and health tourism. Nowadays, Ereaga is one of Getxo’s urban beaches where you can play all kinds of sports or enjoy a day in the sun.

This route will enable you to follow the recommendation made by this good doctor, who was born in the Old Port/Puerto Viejo, to “walk two hours every day in the open air”. You will walk up from Ereaga Beach, pass through the Old Port as you make your way to Usategi Park, where you can enjoy the healthy sea air, ending your walk at Arrigunaga, another of Getxo’s beaches.

PEDRO BILBAO (1909-1992)

Pedro Bilbao Encera was born in Getxo in 1909, as noted on a plaque placed on his birthplace in the Old Port.

He studied Medicine at Valladolid University, going on to become the most talented general practitioner of his year. He subsequently went on to work at Basurto Hospital (Bilbao), and during the Spanish Civil War he ran a convalescence home in Zugazarte (Las Arenas). He later became an independent GP, setting up his surgery in Getxo.

His excellent training and personal qualities made him one of the most respected doctors in Bizkaia. He always placed particular emphasis on the prevention of illnesses through a healthy lifestyle, applying the popular phrase often ascribed to Hippocrates “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Such is the admiration that the local people had for this man that he has been honoured with a square in the Old Port, as well as a statue on Ereaga Beach, which curiously does not look out to sea, but instead looks down complacently on the people that pass by each day on foot or on their bikes skateboards or rollerblade.

Dr Pedro Bilbao founded the Chair of Preventive Medicine in the Basque Country and published newsletters for briefing his fellow doctors. These studies are a wonderful reference now, fifty years later, when healthy lifestyle habits have become the norm.

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