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Ruta deapie Miren Larrea

Photograph on loan from Getxoko Liburutegiak – Getxo Municipal Libraries

This route tells us about the relationship between the people of the Old Port and the sea, about the goings-on in a fishing village, and about how people come together to forge a community and resist the passage of time to preserve its soul as a traditional enclave within a larger town.

Miren Larrea had happy memories of her childhood. In those years, the Old Port was full of children playing in the streets. Our route today will take us through those places Miren looked back on so fondly. A walk that will lead us from the Old Port, with its colourful houses and flowers...up to the square, San Nicolás, beside the church of the same name.

MIREN LARREA (1922-2014)

Although she was born in Santurtzi, on the other side of the bay, Miren Larrea Aguirre’s heart belonged to the Old Port, where she lived and died. Her father was José Larrea del Hoyo, who hailed from Zierbena, also on the other side of the bay, and her mother was Josefa Aguirre Echevarría, from the Old Port itself, who sold fish up the river in Erandio.

Miren was the seventh of eight siblings, and she spent three years in exile with two of them in Donibane Garazi in the French Basque Country (Iparralde). Following that, she spent several years in domestic service in a house on Avenida Zugazarte, until 1951, when she married Bernardo Aguiriano Gurruchaga, who was actually from the Old Port.

A woman of substance and an engaging smile, she strived to improve the lives of others in her community. That spirit of cooperation and solidarity has survived to this day as a distinctive hallmark of this little corner of Getxo.

Through her poems and photos, the protagonist of this route has portrayed places in Getxo, and most especially the people living in the Old Port.

The book “Miren Larrea, Alma del Puerto" was published in 2013. As a self-taught photographer, she won numerous prizes. In addition, for years she observed and portrayed the lives of the people in her neighbourhood, compiling a major source of information on the Old Port.

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