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Antonio Basagoiti – Ruta por la Avenida Basagoiti

Photograph on loan from Getxoko Liburutegiak - Getxo Municipal Libraries

Antonio Basagoiti represents a generation of bold young men who sailed across the ocean and used their talent to build veritable business empires. In time, many of them returned here, to the land of their birth.

The avenue Avenida Basagoiti is the backbone of this route, and it is named after our protagonist.

Stroll along this pedestrian promenade and find out about the people that once lived in the buildings around you, beginning with the Town Hall. You will also be able to enjoy looking at houses built by indianos (people who made their fortunes in the Americas), seafarers, and fishermen; with highlights being the Casa Encantada (Haunted House) and our protagonist’s family home. On your way, you will enjoy some of Getxo’s most idyllic vantage points. Finally, you will come to the end of the route in the square Plaza San Nicolás.

As you walk along, and beside delving into Getxo’s history... take this opportunity to taste the food and drink on offer and feel part of the special atmosphere along this avenue!


Born in the Old Port - Puerto Viejo de Algorta, Antonio Basagoiti Arteta was the patriarch of a dynasty of entrepreneurs and politicians that has stretched down to the present day.

As a very young man, he sought fame and fortune in Mexico. He started off there as an import trader, rising up to become a banker. His capacity for work and his special gift with people enabled him to make contacts among industrialists who would in time become his partners when he set up -and presided over- the now defunct bank Banco Hispano Americano, his life’s culminating achievement.

Antonio Basagoiti interceded with the ministry to stop the project proposed by Public Works in Vizcaya (Bizkaia) that would have destroyed part of the coastline in Getxo, pleading in favour of the project drawn up by Evaristo de Churruca. In 1899, and to show its gratitude for the part he played, Getxo Town Hall named the former Calle Mayor after him.

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