Citizen Advice Bureau (OAC)

Gexto Town Council has a series of Citizen Advice Bureaus (OAC) to help everyone living in the town. These offices organise their own programmes, but also work with other entities.

In the OAC, you can:

  • How to be on the electoral roll and everything related to it.
  • Find out about the municipal resources and if you are eligible for them.
  • Registration of all type of documents concerning the City Council and its departments. Urban Planning, Tax Office, Mayor’s Office, Information Committees, etc., or at the Basque Housing Service (Etxebide) (for those who are registered on the municipality’s census).
  • For requesting different types of certificates like the census certificate, and the ones for property and distance.
  • Appeal against pending penalties.
  • Application for the disabled persons card.
  • Carry out different paperwork concerning the vehicle tax (IVTM) and the property tax (IBI): objections, appeals, direct debit…
  • File claims regarding damage to goods or violated rights.
  • Process grants for the Basque language: courses, driving licence, signage… or participation in summer courses.
  • Submit notifications, complaints or suggestions to the town council.
  • Avail of general information about the city council and its departments: civil weddings, taxes, regulations and byelaws, Autonomous Bodies, civil service examinations, public tenders, scholarships, awards, housing... and about other bodies and entities.



There are four (OAC) in Romo-Areeta, Algorta and the Town Hall.

There is also a Citizen Help Line (944660000) that is open from 8:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday.

On-line Services.