Immigration and Interculturalism Unit

Since 2004, Getxo has had specialised staff available in the Immigration and Interculturalism Unit. In the current organigram this unit is assigned to the Department of Community Intervention -- Social Cohesion Area. Its functions consist of the following:

  • To impel municipal planning to take into account the management of cultural diversity.
  • To integrate an intercultural perspective in the plans, programmes, resources and services of the different municipal departments.
  • To assess the social reality with a focus on interculturalism (through research done by the Local Immigration Observatory or other research carried out by municipal departments).
  • To implement and promote specific programmes for providing shelter for migrant people and refugees.
  • To carry out raising awareness initiatives for intercultural coexistence and the prevention of racism among citizens and in the educational sphere.
  • To promote the strengthening and social participation of the associative framework within the sphere of immigration and support for immigrant people.
  • To coordinate with institutions and entities (education, health, employment sector…) in the municipalities and networks (municipal and supra-municipal) involved in the sphere of immigration and interculturalism.