Individual Health Care Card (TIS) (Tarjeta Individual Sanitaria TIS)

The right to regular or urgent health care is conferred by the Individual Health Card. It is given to those people who are insured.

In general, those considered to be insured are those who are employed or of Spanish nationality, European Union or foreign nationals with authorisation to reside in Spain who can prove they do not have any economic resources of their own.

The TIS can also be acquired by a beneficiary of a close family member who is insured and with whom the beneficiary lives.


To attend Osakidetza's health centress an individual health card (TIS) is required accompanied by the following documents:

  • Family register which accounts for all persons living in a household.
  • Identification document (original and photocopy):
    • For those of Spanish nationality, the National ID Card (DNI), or the Family Register for minors under 14 years of age.
    • For foreign nationals the Residence Card.
  • Document proving the right to medical assistance issued by the National Social Security Office.
  • Application form.

Once the information has been checked, the Department of Health sends the card to the home address.

The card assigns a GP and a health centre to the patient.

If you are registered and have worked in an autonomous region other than the Basque Country, the Individual Health Card(TIS) can be applied for. In this case your Employment Record (Vida Laboral) and your Social Security card must be provided.

Application for the recognition of the right to health care in the Basque Country

Foreign nationals who are lacking documentation may apply for health care only if they are registered on the municipal census in the Basque Country, have spent more than three months in the State, have no economic resources of their own and have no access to the public health care system by any other means.

The application request will be answered by letter within a maximum of 3 months, if the requirements have been complied with, it will be acknowledged that:

  • People who have been registered on the municipal census for more than one year in the Basque Country, or are minors less than 18 years old, will have the right to full health care.
  • People who have been registered for less than one year on the census will have the right to urgent health care. In the case of a pregnant woman, pre-natal, birth and post natal care is provided.

This letter should be presented at the health centre each time care is required and it is only valid in the Basque Country.


It can be applied for at Osakidetza health centres, with the presentation of the following documents:

  • Individual certificate of municipal census registration.
  • Identity document (with regard to the passport, a copy of all the pages which have a photograph, visa, entry and exit stamps for any border crossings must be presented).
  • Application form for health care.

Further information

Basque Government Local Health Authority