Basque Language

Basque and Spanish are the official languages of the Basque Country. Basque is the oldest living language in Europe. In Getxo, 20% of the residents speak Basque and 30% have some knowledge of this language.

Getxo Town Council has a Basque Language Department that offers the following opportunities:

  • Information on euskara and its learning in the municipality.
  • Grants for studying the language, grants for sign-writing for shops and business in Basque.
  • Initiatives to support and disseminate the Basque culture and language.
  • Programmes to encourage the widespread use of Basque and in public places.



Getxoko Euskera Zerbitzua.

Getxo Town Council encourages and supports the study and use of the Basque Language. Foreigners may learn Basque by the the mainstream educational system, but there are also special courses to start people off.

AISA courses

The courses AISA are aimed at people over 16 years old and residing in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, who have had not contact with the Basque Language. Their goal is to provide immigrants with information about Basque society and take the first steps in learning the language.

These courses deal with areas such as greetings, numbers, the family, school, transport, health, sport, shopping. The exercises are mainly based on the relevant vocabulary and basic understanding of the language (street signs, posters…).

These courses are financed by the Basque Government's Immigration Department and by HABE in the Department of Culture.

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