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Visit to the Punta Begoña Galleries

The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to postpone the opening of the Punta Begoña Galleries until further notice. We continue to conduct research and refurbishment work on the site, and trust that you will soon be able to see the progress that we are making once optimal safety measures are set in place.

This great gallery adapted to the coastal geography was built by Ricardo Bastida in 1919. With columns and covered by a balustraded terrace, it was commissioned by the well-known businessman Horacio Echevarrieta. Its main function was to continue and finish off the containment and defence wall of the cliff on which the Atxekolandeta family seats stand, location of the Echevarrieta family mansion – an English-style home designed by the architect Gregorio Ibarreche in 1910, and which is no longer standing.

The owner took advantage to create different rooms and passageways in the gallery, designed as a place of leisure.

Don’t miss the opportunity of going inside and learning about the plan to take full advantage of this space which is so frequently visited and emblematic of Getxo, headed by GetxoTown Halland the BasquePublicUniversity(UPV/EHU), a unique, exclusive symbol of the era of economic transformation at the beginning of the last century.

On the visit, you can go inside and visit the main gallery lounge and you will have the opportunity to learn about the plan we are going to carry out in order to take most advantage and recover the galleries. You will also enjoy a short projection that contextualizes the plan we are going to undertake to recover and tour the galleries, thus revealing their true value.

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