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Out for pintxos

pintxosOut for pintxos is one of the most popular pastimes in Euskadi; it consists of going from bar to bar, having a drink and a pintxo.

What are pintxos?

Basque pintxos are a hallmark of the Basque Country’s gastronomy.

The name comes from the fact that a portion of food was originally presented on a slice of bread which was pricked with a wooden stick.

Nowadays, the bars in Getxo offer a wide variety of traditional pintxos which are combined with new, more modern creations. These small delights are proof of the evolution of the Basque gastronomy.

Thanks to this evolution and the emergence of delicious, new culinary creations, the Getxo pintxos route has become a must for all those who visit the municipality.

You can find pintxos that are easy to make, such as Spanish omelette or ham rolls, to the most original and creative ones, in the different pintxo bars in Getxo.

Discover all of the pintxos bars in Getxo, just 15 minutes from Bilbao, to savour miniature portions of our cuisine.

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