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Fecha:6/2/2022 - 6/26/2022




What is it?

GETXOPHOTO is a festival focusing on images that has been held in Getxo for 15 years. It was created and is independently organised by Begihandi.

The Festival, which is thematic in nature, was conceived as a transmedia platform that hosts different proposals from visual storytellers from all over the world, aimed at creating a conversation with society on contemporary issues. In doing so, it is seeking to encourage critical thinking and provide dynamic and flexible responses to the issues that affect us.

It is characterised by a radical defence of public spaces as meeting points, places of mutual recognition and as places for sharing experiences, playing and celebrating. Consequently, most of the artistic programme is made up of open-air installations, highlighting the dialogue between images and the environment.

This commitment to using unconventional exhibition formats and spaces creates an open dialogue with the public while at the same time filling their everyday lives with images.

One of the goals of GETXOPHOTO is to create a critical community based on images, by providing specific content and involving cultural agents. This in turn contributes to building new audiences.

It also encourages the active involvement of the community in which it is held and social return through its local links (shopkeepers, hotel and restaurant owners, artists and enthusiasts).

GETXOPHOTO takes an interdisciplinary and cross-cutting approach and has broadened its scope to include the internet as a space for visual culture. Consequently, it has a specific online programme with digital proposals that can only be found online.

The ecological transition also guides the Festival's design and production policy so as to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible and become an even more sustainable initiative.


Getxophoto 2022 - Imaginar (Imagine) by Jon Uriarte 

Although it may seem impossible, imagining other scenarios is essential in times of crisis. How does imagination work in interpreting the past, present and future, and how else might it work? What role do visual narratives play in this work? What other kinds of images and fantasies can be devised to diversify and deploy alternative ways of understanding reality?

Images play a fundamental role in understanding the world. Photography has been instrumental in deciding what merits being seen and remembered and what should be ignored or hidden. At the same time, fiction is one of the traditional actions and effects of the visual, allowing us to glimpse beyond the real world. Technological developments in recent years have made it possible for images to not only represent, but also to present, communicate and compose information in real time. Imagination employs the functions of image to describe the fantastic, recapture the absent, overcome uncertainty and relocate what is on the fringes.

The 16th edition of Getxophoto proposes exploring the role that imagination plays in giving meaning to life, and the possibilities that images provide to this end.


Nacido en Hondarribia en 1980, Jon Uriarte estudió Fotografía en el Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya y en el International Center of Photography de Nueva York, además de realizar un máster en Proyectos y Teorías Artísticas por PhotoEspaña y la Universidad Europea de Madrid. Ha expuesto en diversos centros y galerías de arte, tanto en muestras colectivas como individuales, entre los que destacan La Casa Encendida de Madrid, el Koldo Mitxelena de Donostia, el Studio 304 de Nueva York, el centro HBC de Berlín y la Sala d’Art Jove de Barcelona. Fue fundador de Widephoto, plataforma independiente dedicada al comisariado y actividades en torno a la fotografía contemporánea. Además, conceptualizó y coordinó durante 3 años DONE, el proyecto sobre reflexión y creación visual impulsado por Foto Colectania. Actualmente vive en Londres, donde ejerce como comisario digital de la prestigiosa The Photographers’ Gallery.

 Getxophoto 2022